31p NMR of Brain Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease

31p NMR of Brain Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease

J. W Pettegrew, G. Withers and K. Panchalingam

I. Introduction

A. Phosphorus – 31 NMR

Phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance (3 1 P NMR) has proven to be a
powerful analytical method for investigating phosphorus metabolism in neural
and extra-neural tissue (Barany and Glonek, 1984). Neural tissue studies
have been performed on tissue extracts (Pettegrew et al 1979, 1986, 1987,
1988a, Glonek et al 1982), in vitro brain slices (Cohen et al 1984), and on
animals am humans in vivo (Chance et al 1978, Ackerman et al 1980, Cady et
a1 1983, Petroff et al 1984, Maris et al 1985).
The in vitro analytical studies provide chemical conditions more
favorable to 31 P NMR analysis than occur in the living brain, am therefore,
a greater sensitivity am resolution is achieved as compared to in vivo
analytical approaches. The enhanced sensitivity and resolution of in vitro
extract studies enables the characterization am quantitation of many
different phosphorus containing compounds. Previous in vitro 31 P NMR studies….

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